Tuesday, October 6, 2009

U2 - Game changing stage

I am not a huge fan of U2 but it was cool to finally see them live and witness the stage that will be talked about, til' its trumped by the next pop diva. It can be equated musically to when Phil Spector introduced the Wall of Sound, a truly game changing event. The stage show was all about presence on the grand scale. Metallica plays shows in the round as well, to encompass the venue, but this was different, the stage was the show. With the screen that would move up and down to change the vibe along with the live videos, it truly was a portal into the U2 realm. Is that what it takes to keep audiences attention anymore, full theatrical production? Its cool for what it is, but I would much rather be in the small venues where rock n roll is real. The sweat, the grime and the pounding riffs are my lifeblood. Thanks U2 for solidifying where the real rock n swagger is to be found for me, small venues across the globe, with graffiti scrawled bathrooms, cheap beer and full of life's true characters.