Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Myrtle Beach Fall 2009 - The Rally of Trailer Queens

Some things in life are just absolute mysteries, from why we have no clue as to where sea nettles migrate throughout the year to understanding the true nature of black holes. Let's add another mystery to that list in the biker realm and try to get to the rationale of the infamous trailer queen. Yes dear friends, if you ride a motorcycle long enough you will find a certain individual that feels more comfortable putting their motorcycle into a trailer and going to an event than actually riding to it. Why do these folks trailer their bikes you ask? I truly cannot answer that question without laughing and simply stating they aren't bikers, they are enthusiasts. If that is the title they want to enjoy, good, take it and run with it to your local tattoo parlor and get it emblazoned across your stomach and be proud of it. But please trailer queens, don't insult we gritty road worn folks and call yourself a biker. That is a title of merit which is won by having an iron butt built up from thousands of miles in the saddle and a love for the wind in your face.