Sunday, August 7, 2011

311 MPH On A Motorcycle

Been slowly building on our Buell land speed racing project. It is going quite slow for sure as its one project in the midst of a few others but seeing videos like the one below gets the blood flowing. Check out the footage from Bangor, Maine in which Bill Warner sets the motorcycle land speed record at 311.9 mph on a Suzuki Hyabusa

More info on land speed racing with the East Coast Timing Association

Quick Interview with the Bangor Daily News

“Today here at Loring we came to do some racing,” said Warner. “We were lucky enough to get a clean pass early this morning. The wind was down. We became the first motorcycle to go over 300 miles per hour.”

What was it like at 300 miles per hour?

“In this situation it was very calm,” Warner replied. “I progressed my speeds up from 180 all the way up to that speed over the past few years, so it was not a traumatic thing to do.

“The big part of it, after the speed happens, is trying to stop the bike. Here at Loring Air Force Base, there is a mile shutdown to slow the vehicles down and I used every bit of it. The bike was bouncing, hopping, skipping and sliding. Needless to say, I got it stopped safely. It was a little scary.”