Sunday, August 21, 2011

Exodus Bass Player Jamming With Hellbound Glory

What is it about progression that comes in a variety of forms which excites us? It could be chord progression, learning new tunes or even better, playing a variety of music styles. Jack Gibson is exemplary of this throughout his body of work within bay area thrash metal titans, Exodus and now jamming with his banjo in a variety of country bands, such as Coffin Hunter or Hellbound Glory.

As more and more genres of music continue to blur, what we constantly come back to, is to the notion that a great music transcends any label. Take for example the song Hurt originally written by Trent Reznor. After the song was covered by Johnny Cash, Mr. Reznor stated that it was no longer his song anymore and that it was now Johnny Cash's. Real country music has long understood the idea of a strong character behind its melody and it is bad ass to see more and more talented musicians playing in the punkest genre to date. 

Was punk the first movement to shove their finger to the masses or was it really country music hiding behind a wicked smile and the progression of Sam Phillips Sun Records? This can be debated all day but Sam Phillips broke down racial barriers and had four of the rowdiest dudes on the label from the start. Now for all of the name checking and wannabe NashVegas "outlaws," please quit while your ahead and get out of the way for the real grit and honesty to be heard.The more you have to declare yourself an outlaw, the more it seems you need to be part of a club in which you don't really have the cajones or chops to join.

Hellbound Glory Jamming with Jack Gibson of Exodus in Folsom, CA

Slept on track by Exodus called "It's A Good Day To Die"

Exodus video for the killer thrash track "Riot Act"