Monday, August 22, 2011

Sellers Equipped - Official Trailer

Sellers Equipped​mygarage/​SellersEquipped is located right in the heart of Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA USA). During this day and age of robotic assembly lines and overseas operations, Steve Sellers relies on old machinery, his knowledge, his creativity, and hard labor to create his masterpieces. Although he's been featured in magazines and on websites worldwide, this is the only time Steve has allowed video camera access to his shop and his life. This isn't reality TV - it's real life. Steve shares his ups, downs, successes, and failures. I personally see Steve as an old soul, with a young heart, who is passionate about all that he does and I am excited to feature Sellers Equipped as part of my "From the Ground Up:" series.

Stay tuned for the full mini-documentary coming soon!

Produced, shot, & edited by: Darryl B (Cinepixtor Media)

Song: The World (is Going Up in Flames)
Artist: Charles Bradley