Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RUSTYMETRIC - Digital Mag Now Available for $0.99

If we were to tell you we just thought this idea up and knew it would be cool, that would only be half true. The idea to start a new magazine has been on the brain for ages. Actually all the way back into the days of Hi-Speed Productions in San Francisco when I was working for Slap Magazine and hired by the one and only Lance Dawes. If ya haven't heard of Slap, it was one of the mags operated by Hi-Speed Productions which also does Thrasher, Juxtapoz and at that time they also had the motorcycle mag Twist-Grip along with underground golf mag Schwing. Twist-Grip and Schwing are of course now defunct along with Slap in print format. The beauty of that learning experience was understanding publishing and the role of magazines relating to consumers and the masses as a whole.

As a consummate reader of a plethora of monthly titles along with a stack of books, I have forever been enamored with the printed word. Now at the onset of the digital publishing revolution Trent, the editor of RUSTYMETRIC and the founder of bikerMetric.com and I are damn proud to be able to shake things up with digital publishing. Our goal is to give the world a fresh perspective on all that we enjoy in music, motorized mayhem and character driven content. Create stories and a vibe that is affordable and current, with a team of editors specialized in niche areas.

We know that once all the dust settles and we get the full sites up and running for the magazine, subscriptions will be available and all issues will be available on e-readers. For all of you kindle, ipad, smartphone and regular ol' website users, we know you will dig it. As for now, go over and see just what $0.99 can still buy. And for all you bands that want your music heard, large or small, consider us for your new outlet to be heard. The sky is the limit with digital publishing and a worldwide audience is waiting to hear you.

RUSTYMETRIC.com - Digital Rebellion has arrived in Motorcycle and Music Publishing

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