Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Hottest Woman In Racing - Maryeve Dufault

Really stoked to have found out about Maryeve Dufault's racing career. Can completely imagine all the Ricky Bobby types out there who might think a "chick" can't handle her way around the pits or the track. Hopefully she starts to smoke her way through the competition and goes into the major leagues of racing so we can see her all the time in the press. Ok, you caught us, we want her to win cause she is hot and damn if we aren't tired of lookin' at the same old ugly dudes. To be honest, we always root for the underdog and hope she does well in upcoming races. Check out more on the hottest woman in racing and who was also a featured model on The Price Is Right and one of the hottest Maxim models EVER!

Maryeve Dufault Racing