Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ever Heard Of The "Amen Beat" Drum Break?

Got a challenge for ya, think on a drum break beat in which you have heard an amazing amount of times and never quite knew its source?

Still thinking? We thought so. Quite stumped to be honest and then once you heard that magic rhythm on the snare and know the sound you just want to smack yourself in the head as ya had no idea where it came from. Next thing ya know you are learning about some music history mashed up with pop culture and NWA next to Reggae Dub and on into Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction with his electronic projects.

Who knew that The Winston's would create such a legacy from a drum break in the middle of one of their songs and forever be sampled, dubbed and readdressed in timing changes but still remain intact as a rhythm. James Brown gets credited as being the most sampled man in music but the Winston's are right up there with the Godfather of Soul.

The story on the "Amen Break"

The Winston's "Amen Brother" - Most sampled drum break of all time