Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Circle Track Racing Is Damn Boring Compared To...?

Would dig hearing folks opinion after watching the latest installment of Ken Block's Gymkhana. In our humble opinion circle track racing of all sorts just pales in comparison to the driver skills of what the guys are doing in Rally Car racing. Sure, its apples to oranges as one is a test of endurance and the other is actually insane driving skills mixed with real obstacles, instead of just turning left for a certain amount of laps.

As our attention deficit disorder riddled minds start to look for new and different forms of racing and "leisure" activities the Gymkhana style of racing, TORC and rally cars is far more compelling to watch. The drivers are much more enigmatic, the vehicles are more nimble and who cares about top speed when you can rotate drifting 360's around objects that could send the car into the shop for weeks on end or do huge jumps and land as if you are riding the couch. Sorry NASCAR folks but admit it, that style of racing is just damn boring to watch. Its the equivalent of watching golf and their perfectly manicured courses.

I say give us grit and give us action. Let the new racing genres have courses that plow through golf courses and country clubs, tearing up those perfect greens with high horsepower and real driving skills.