Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Barbers Vintage Festival - Oct. 7th - 9th

The post directly from the Dime City Cycles Blog... 

"Because The Wing’d Piston knows you expect nothing but the best… We’re proud to annouce that we’ve partnered with Cafe Racer TV, Ace Cafe North America and to bring you one of the coolest spots to hang with like minded cafe appreciators at the upcoming 7th annual Barbers Vintage Festival. The “Cafe Corral!” 

All the details can be found on the digital flier below, but just a couple of things we want to bring notice to before you get your reasy little throttle twistin hands on it! 

*We need everyone to download the flier and redistribute it to via your Facebook Walls, Blogs, Twitter Walls and whatever other methods of media you use to reach your friends and the community. This is a grassroots events being put on by like indivuduals which means there will not be any fancy advertising campaigns to generate addendance. The event is for you and depends on your to get the word out there, so right click the image and save it to your desktop and plaster that baby everywhere for the next 30 days! 

ALL BIKE SHOW entries will need to pre-register per Barber’s rules. We need to have a pre-determined list with identification so you can get your trusty little ton-up steeds throuh security and to the single best spot on the entire Barber compound. It’s easy, just email a photo of your bike with some basic details to and you’ll receive further information from there. 

Since Cafe Racer TV started it’s been a wild ride, this is one more turn in the road and we’re looking forward to sharing the good (and fast) times with all of you next month!"