Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jay Berndt - Sings Waylon For Jessica

To say that we are excited just might be a huge understatement when it comes to finally releasing Jay Berndt's new album "Sings Waylon For Jessica". This whole project started as a christmas gift a few years back and from there spiraled into a much larger endeavor as we kept tellin' Jay that he should release it for the masses. 

Being the perfectionist and amazing talent that Jay Berndt is, he went in and revamped all the songs to make them linger in playlists for many years to come. This batch of songs is one of those that will stick to your head like wet hair on a hot and humid summer day and then instantly cool ya off like the first ice cold beer of the day. 

Do yourself a favor and check out these songs, we know that Waylon would have been proud. Order the Album now

From Jay on the recording of the album:

"My two previous bands, the Revival Preachers and the Brimstone Assembly always played Waylon songs. I just love his voice and his delivery; he just sounds so honest and sincere. Plus that beat! That four on the floor stomp... Nobody else in country music could do it like Waylon & The Waylors. And really no one has done it better. So whenever we played one of his songs live, my wife Jessica would always ask “Was that Waylon?” and I would remark that we should record some of his songs. Well, I never got around to recording any of them when those bands were in existence. So I decided that I would pick some of her favorite Waylon songs, play all the instruments myself and give her the CD as a Christmas gift. So I began the project in September 2008 and could only record when she was at work on weekends or very early in the morning during the week. I remember cutting the harmony vocals for “You Can Have Her” at 5:00 am and wondering how the hell I didn’t wake her up! I brought in my good buddy Damien Puerini to play all the amazing guitar leads and bring the whole thing together. I was putting finishing touches and mixing it as late as 11:00pm on Christmas eve, just trying to get it all done. None the less, Jessica loved it. She smiles every time she hears those harmonies on “You Can Have Her” and that means the world to me. I think it’s one of the best gifts I had given her.

Now it’s our gift to you. I hope you enjoy it."

Track Listing
1. Lonesome On’Ry & Mean
2. Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line
3. Black Rose
4. Cedartown, GA
5. The Door Is Always Open
6. Ramblin’ Man
7. Loving Her Was Easier
8. Ain’t No God In Mexico
9. The Taker
10. Rainy Day Woman
11. Freedom To Stay
12. You Can Have Her