Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Roland Sands - The Road to 200 in Maxton

If you have any inclination on what it takes to undertake land speed racing, you know that its a game of physics mixed with weather and a dash of endurance. Circle track racing is just folks turning left and having to maintain steady speeds while fighting off the competition, relying heavily on lane position and mechanical endurance. Land speed racing is about the driver and the vehicle meeting in the middle to pilot through that magical radar line off in the distance at the fastest speed possible. Within those thousands of feet everything has to work to perfection or to your mechanical advantage, per sey if you have a tail wind or the cool morning air to help the motors run tip top. Have a look at Roland Sands going all out to reach 200 mph at our local Maxton Mile. After his last pass it is quite evident what level that components need to be at to be able to handle the stress of those speeds. We know that he will push that Victory to the coveted elite 200mph record as his determination is written all over his face.