Monday, September 26, 2011

Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally

The fine folks over in Venice, CA are having a killer rally and party on October 22nd, damn why couldn't it have been the weekend of Oct. 9th as we will be in town. Here is some quick info on what they consider "Vintage"
Q:  What do you consider “Vintage?”
A:  So technically speaking, it’s 20 yrs. or older.  However we consider vintage to be anything pre ’78.  It was around this time that bikes of most brands started to take on a more modern look.  As well, it was the last year Honda released a bike with a kick-start.  Having said that, we’re not snobs so don’t worry about it...unless it’s Wednesday.
Q:  Do I have to be a member to join the rides?
A:  Nope.  Hop on your vintage bike and come ride with us!

Q:  How do I join?
A:   The VVMC is a not an organization, it’s a club.  Even more, a small, tight group of like minded (and a bit crazy) friends.   Therefore, there are no dues or membership fees.  If you’re serious about joining the clan, here’s the simple law:

1. You MUST ride a vintage (pre ’78) bike.

2. Plan on riding with us and being active in the group for at least a year.  

Showing up on occasion doesn’t cut it.
1. You can’t be a major tool.’s just that simple.

2011 Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally - October 22nd

Morning Ride - 10 AM
AHRMA Vintage Racing Exhibit
Builders Garage
Vintage Judging
Live Music
Beer + Rum Garden
Pinup Girl Contest - 5PM
Food * Drinks
Motorcycle Art
After Party - 6PM