Monday, September 12, 2011

Rusty Knuckles Music - Now Available At Amoeba Music, Best Independent Record Store

We are damn proud to let the masses know that our releases will soon be available in Amoeba Music. If you have yet to get to the best damn indie record store in the nation, then make travel plans along with a mighty long list of what you are after. Amoeba Music is our personal kryptonite. Walking through those doors at 10 am, upon opening,  was always the equivalent of either a nervous breakdown, if we forgot our list of albums to buy or pure heaven upon finding those hidden gems in the used racks. If only they served coffee there I think we might never have left.

Dear Amoeba, we need your holy grounds of music nerdom on the east coast, preferably Raleigh if you have to choose a great east coast city to open a new location.

Amoeba Music