Friday, September 30, 2011

Real Men's Magazines - Go Out And Build Character

Current men's magazines are all about looking good, wearing sharp clothing and being clean as a whistle and that just lacks character in our minds. Whatever happened to men that wrestled bears over their recently shot elk as the bear tried to get a free dinner? Or what happened to those adventures in which you came back with a beard as you were gone so long? We are huge fans of old magazines and pulp novels and often reread the stories as they are right out of a Mickey Spillane universe in which women were Dames and a finger point to the chest meant fists would come into action if need be. This compared to worrying about the other party calling in a lawyer to settle a dispute, as we personally have seen happen a few times unfortunately with wussies that want to sue over a few scratches and busted egos. Check out some of these great covers of old men's magazines and go out and make adventure happen instead of relying on life to just happen.