Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Backyard Black Smithing With A Home Built Power Hammer

Characters like MacGyver and the fellas from Mythbusters continue to inspire, for one very specific reason. They think through a problem and create a solution. By painting their way out of a corner, clever ideas resolve an issue at hand or help to further expand their quiver of tools.

Ingenuity comes in many forms and creating your own tools is a particular fascination of ours. When it comes to metal, we are all ears and hands in this scenario. Have a look at this video about a home made black smith power hammer. Did you ever think about making an engine block for a table stand? Yep, we sure have many times and even made one. Below is also a fabrication table made from the crankshaft of the donor engine we bought. These guys upped the ante and for that clever solution and we salute you.

Find out more on blacksmithing tools from the Naked Anvil youtube page

Crank shaft as base for a portable fabrication table
Proportionate size with our old Cafe Racer in the process of being rebuilt