Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sneak Peak At Stevie Tombstone's New Album Cover

Stevie Tombstone's album cover for his new release Greenwood
Word on the street is that Stevie Tombstone has one hell of an album in the can and ready to be unleashed upon the masses. The one aspect of Stevie's music that hooked us on the first take, was the way it felt akin to a movie soundtrack. His music has atmosphere. Not just a sound with a vibe, but it has a plethora of elements creating an immediate convergence. That "more" in my head relates to a lot of the sounds and tones that are in the negative space. When he allows for open notes to ring out unfiltered and his story telling floats over top, folks this is quality music.

Hear it for yourself. Check out the first single "Lucky" from the upcoming album Greenwood, available this October on Cloverdale Music.