Monday, August 13, 2012

Rory Kelly - Feature Interview On Rock And Roll Army

Rory Kelly interview on in Spain
Rory Kelly will be invading Spain this October and he has been getting some press in Europe, just in time for the tour to kick off. Its a quick read below and a few things are muddied in translation, but the point comes across loud and clear. Big things are in store for these fellas, so sit back and take a listen.

"Although our country is a complete unknown, Rory Kelly is one of those tours that any fan of Rock 'n' Roll should not miss. Some may sound your name will be fought in the ranks of Crank County Daredevils, but here we are going to find something more along the lines of a bluesy hard rock with balls discográficamente has two fruits in the form of discs, " Better Than The Blues "and most recently" Do not Shake My Family Tree ". Next October we will visit with his trio of Billy Miller on bass and Mike Kelly on drums (if you noticed the coincidence of name is that effectively no relationship between them: Mike is the father of Rory). So we got in touch with him so he would answer a short questionnaire.

- First of all congratulations on your latest album, this way "Do not Shake My Family Tree" we liked a lot. Are you happy with it?

- Thanks, glad you like the new album. Yes, we are very happy with it. We put much time and effort on the disc and has been well received by many of our fans.

- You'll be on tour in Spain in October. I think this will be your first time in Spain alone, what can we expect from these shows?

- Well, this is a very energetic and fun band on stage. We try to give something a little different every night, keeping our sets spontaneous and fun.

- It will be a very long tour. I hope you like our country ...

- I've always said that Spain is my favorite country to tour: great people and beautiful scenery.

- Your biography says you're a self-taught musician. What led you to choose the guitar and what are your main influences?

- Well, I was a drummer originally, but I started playing guitar when I was about 10 years old. My father taught me [to play] the guitar, but then my first influence was Kurt Cobain. As I got older I were enjoying more soloists and Dimebag [Darrell], Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter ... guys who played the guitar excellently but keeping the feeling.

- You played well in the County Daredevils Crank, what can you tell us then?

- It was a very fun in my life. I learned a lot about the tours and recordings with Crank County Daredevils. I learned what to do and what not to do while on tour with that band.

- After ordained Rory Kelly's Triple Threat, how did you get that sound swamp your own band from the Crank County Daredevils of sleaze?

- It was a natural progression for me. I took the elements of each style of music I liked and mixed them all. And then a little slow tempo.

- Your first album was "Better Than The Blues". What you tell us about that album?

- Originally it was supposed to be a demo. But then a small local label we edited it and began to catch on. I had a hard getting the students to re-record the bass parts because the guy who was temporarily unable to make the lines [low]. Then we get to Billy [Miller] and all took shape.

- Returning to the last album, "Do not Shake My Family Tree", you edited it just under the name of Rory Kelly. Why?

- Actually it was a decision everyone but me. It was against this, but our drummer Mike (who is also my father) and Billy thought it would be better without the "Triple Threat". Then Rusty Knuckles (our label) agreed, so I just did.

- You are in North Carolina, how is the rock scene there now? Is there a new band that you like and you want to share with us?

- The scene here is growing, and is a good time to be in the music scene in Asheville, NC. My new favorite band is the group of punk girls all of my wife, Zombie Queen.

- As you said before, your father Mike is the drummer of your band. Can not you do something weird?

- The truth is that it's pretty cool. It's a freak and likes to party and have fun with us on the road. But it is a huge battery and a lot of young guys who wanted the job were unable to play their parts. They wanted to make the battery more complicated and I wanted a way to John Bonham. So my father was perfect for the job ... plus it has a very good career and is a good teacher on the road.

- Well, we are finishing the interview, you want to add something to our readers?

- [In Castilian] We are excited to come to Spain and hope to see you all in October."

Rory Kelly - 2012 October Tour in Spain