Monday, August 20, 2012

Billy Don Burns, Review From Drifter Country in Europe

Feature review of Billy Don Burns on Drifter Country, European country music blog

"In April of this year I wrote that the new album of Billy Thurs Burns discussed here would be. With this; Nights when I'm Sober's been two months. But first a brief introduction of Billy Burns Thurs. For those who remember the movie Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges remember, the movie would use version of the life of Mr. Burns can be. Glory, addictions, women and even more addictions, it was all gone in the way of life of this man. Besides varying success as a musician, Billy Don with big names from the country scene worked. Early 90s he produced an album for Johnny Paycheck and artists like Willie Nelson and Sammy Kershaw covered songs from him. And now appears an album with the label Rusty Knuckles. Nights when I'm Sober (portrait of a Honky Tonk Singer) is a fantastic album. Twelve songs beautifully produced, clear sound and a mix that the different layers in the music coming back. Expected on this album with no Honky Tonk Upright Bass but rather country as we know him from the Outlaw Movement seventies. The album begins with Honky Tonk Singer, a melancholic sounding ballad with beautiful fiddle and guitar licks. Born to Ride is a song which no doubt will be used again in a road movie, the text is narrative, the guitar solos sitting against a cliché, but for me, the song intact. It Would Kill Mama is tightly played, and more upbeat compared to the rest of the songs. Nights when I'm Sober is primarily a narrative album with Billy Burns Thurs lets hear what he is worth. Fantastic that Rusty Knuckles him this space. I sincerely hope that this is the beginning of more ........."

Billy Don Burns new album Nights When I'm Sober... Portrait Of A Honky Tonk Singer