Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jeff Clayton Voodoo Dolls aka VooJeffDoo Is Coming For You

The fine folks over at Aggronautix have been making figurines of punk rock luminaries. Not quite sure if they knew what they were getting into though, when it came to making a mold of Jeff Clayton of the almighty Antiseen. Cosmic shifts tend to happen when celestial entities are attempted to be recreated in physical form. Let's just hope for humanities sake that these "potential" voodoo dolls don't come to life or it will truly be an Apocalypse.

There isn't any specific cautions put on these VooJeffDoo dolls but we can assure you this. Make sure to not put any more than two of them together at any point in the future, once they have left the shaman's workshop. Second, if you happen to notice random cuts or scratches on yourself, most likely it was the VooJeffDoo mojo attacking you for unspecified reasons. Take time to reflect on what infractions you have done wrong in the past days and follow these steps. Build a shrine around the figurine with rare earth minerals. Candles will be needed and must be placed in a triangular pattern around the VooJeffDoo and facing to the South for the tip of the triangle. All lights must then be turned off when the candles are lit and slowly recite the incantations of your favorite Antiseen song. This will help to soothe the powers within each VooJeffDoo. Once those incantations are read, finish the ceremony by cranking that song to full volume. This will purge any bad mojo in the air and you will be free to move forward without spiritual harm.

VooJeffDoo is coming for you. The first batch of Antiseen flavored voodoo dolls are leaving the sacred factory
Jeff Clayton voodoo doll from the shaman Aggronautix