Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rock N' Rassle Apocalypse Featured In Shutter 16

Rock N' Rassle Apocalypse feature write up on Shutter 16 Magazine
After the good times that were had in Charlotte, NC this past weekend at the Tremont Music Hall, we can now look back and crack an insanely wicked smile. Not only did we pull off one of the undergrounds most kick ass music and wrestling events, but we made the die hards want even more. With fans already asking for round two, wait to see what we have in store for ya and will be coming up in mid June of 2013.

How about we leak a few details just to savor on. In mid June 2013 we have a brand new event starting called Wrench N' Roll. Not only will it involve some sort of "grappling" but it will be a one day event with music and all things motorized. We couldn't give a rat's ass about "pre" this or "period" that. What we care about is good times and enginuity. So to all the folks that dig monster trucks, to hot rod fire trucks, to bitchin' Ural choppers, we have the event coming up for you. Oh yeah, it will be in Durham, NC so keep the early June calendar open. It will also take place before the Smokeout in Rockingham, NC as we don't like to miss that event with all of our motorcycle brethren.

Now that the dust has settled and videos are starting to leak from the Rock N' Rassle Apocalypse have a look at the write up from Shutter 16. We think they did a damn great job of talking on the event so check it out.

Rock N' Rassle Apocalypse - July 28th 2012
Rusty Knuckles Present ANTiSEEN/Rock n Rassle Apocalypse at Tremont Music Hall

(Warning from the writer: I realize that some reading this care more about the music and not at all about the wrestling. However, I use terminology and jargon associated with wrestling in describing the moves and happenings during matches. You can look online to see what they mean or completely ignore it. Either way, this is just a warning and your choice to skim over the wrestling parts and get to the music. Thank you.)

ANTiSEEN and wrestling go together like barbed-wire and baseball bats. It’s just meant to be. The band headlined the Rock N Rassle Apocalypse event at Tremont Music Hall. Rory Kelly and The Flat Tires rounded out the rock side of things, while independent stalwart Necrobutcher top lined the “rassle” side.

At the door, I had to sign a waiver that took the blame off of Tremont Music Hall or any of the people associated with the show in case I got hurt. It basically said, “Take care of yourself, as ANTiSEEN and Necrobutcher don’t mess around.”

Rusty Knuckles Present ANTiSEEN/Rock n Rassle Apocalypse at Tremont Music Hall

Wrestling started off with local independent wrestler Zane Riley as “Zebidiah Munson” (an Amish gimmick) against The Taker. And, let me just say that ripping off a gimmick that WWE legend Undertaker doesn’t use anymore (the American Bad Ass from ’00-’03) makes for a bad impression upon the good amount of wrestling fans in attendance. It was mostly a comedy match with some of the crowd yelling out “Let’s bring the harvest!” to Munson, as he won the match with a “death-valley driver.”

Oh, and for all the matches, the referee was a little person who excelled in his oblivious-to-the-fact officiating.

Rusty Knuckles Present ANTiSEEN/Rock n Rassle Apocalypse at Tremont Music Hall

The entire show was emceed by Cosmic Crusader (a gimmick similar to that of The Grand Wizard of Wrestling) who got the crowd thoroughly into the show, as they heckled and cheered the wrestlers.

The next match was a tag-team match with the Raleigh-based Gouge Tag Team champions Nicky Gambino and Lou Marconi against Seymour Snot (a beefed-up nerd) and another local wrestler, Jimmy Jack Funk, Jr. A good match, with Funk as the standout for his team. Marconi and Gambino put on a good display of heel (bad guy) actions to get their opponents AND fans despise them. The good guys prevailed as Funk won with a top-rope elbow drop.

Rusty Knuckles Present ANTiSEEN/Rock n Rassle Apocalypse at Tremont Music Hall
The music portion was up and Rory Kelly took to the stage with his brand of soulful blues-rock. Kelly lit the crowd up with his rock and roll journey. It was a different side musically for Kelly (he was the lead-singer and guitarist for metal band, Intethod) but the same passion for the music was there.

After Kelly, a three-way match with Sterling Williams vs. S12 vs NC Heavyweight champion, Damien Wain, got the wrestling back into swing. A good match with “oohs” and “ahhs” for the aerial offense of S12 and Williams, and Wain had a good amount of power moves, such as a delayed suplex on both opponents. After a bevy of moves, which included mist from S12 to Wain, Wain was able to pick up the win with a top-rope piledriver on Williams.

The Flat Tires were up next with their brand high-energy rock and roll. These local boys played with tons of vigor and just let loose. Think Social Distortion but faster and southern. They faced technical problems when their guitar player broke a string halfway through their second song and, near the end of the set, a pop radio station came through the PA in between songs. Nonetheless, The Flat Tires played through it and didn’t let the crowd fall flat at all. Great stuff.

Rusty Knuckles Present ANTiSEEN/Rock n Rassle Apocalypse at Tremont Music Hall

The main event was something to see. This was the reason I had to sign a waiver when I arrived. It was a hardcore match: the ring had a trashcan, chairs, lights, and even barbed wire 2×4′s. The emcee accidentally stepped on some of the lightbulbs in the ring, and it shattered upon a few of us standing near the ring. The match was Rick “The Beastmaster” Link vs national indy scene stalwart, the Necrobutcher. The no-holds barred affair had both guys bleeding and taking insane shots to the head via trashcan lids and chairs. They went all over the place and, while being double teamed by Link’s manager and Cosmic Crusader, out came ANTiSEEN singer Jeff Clayton to help Necrobutcher in the match. He counted to three to give Necro the win.

It didn’t take long for ANTiSEEN to take the stage and finish the night strong with their punk infused hardcore. It didn’t hurt that after a night of wrestling, the band was on fire and full of adrenaline to give the fans a good ending and send us home happy.