Monday, August 20, 2012

Jay Berndt & The Orphans, New Projects and Big Time Talent

Fortune has been on our side many a time and we clearly know when opportunity knocks. Getting to work with some amazingly talented individuals is no easy feat and we work hard to keep the torch lit. One of the of the most talented hombres in the Rusty Knuckles Music camp, is none other than Jay Berndt and fortune has indeed been smiling on him as of late.

Jay Berndt & The Orphans is his newest project and from what we have been hearing trickle down the pipe, the songs are going to open many a new door and have lured in quite the menagerie of characters. Ever heard of a talent roster called the E Street Band? Yep, we kinda thought you might have. Well, one member of the horn section by the name of Curt Ramm has already signed on to lay down some notes and there may be more in the works.

Here is the full line up of Jay Berndt & The Orphans
Jay Berndt - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Ara Ghajanian - Bass
Mike Lopes - Drums
Mike Rakusin - Piano/Organ/Sax/backing vox
Mike DiBiase - Guitar/piano/backing vox

Jay Berndt & The Orphans kick drum head ready for the stage

Jay Berndt was made for the stage

Jay Berndt - Sad Bastard Songs
Jay Berndt - Sings Waylon For Jessica