Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Freedom Isn't Free, Nor Is Music

There is a nice little storm brewing online about the availability of music and perceived value. We are staunch supporters of paying to get in at shows and also buying merch and music from the bands we dig. If you want to keep a scene alive or the bands you enjoy, cough up a few bucks for some digital downloads or whatever they might have for sale. With companies such as Facebook now trying to make your posts, be paid for and trying to wring every last cent they can get to keep their stock holders happy, get back to basics.

Music and underground culture has always maintained a solid DIY attitude, but we have to keep gas in the engine and oil in the gears. There ya have it, our public service announcement about making sure the things you enjoy in life are made to last. BTW, the video below was posted by Frank Mullen of the death metal band Suffocation.