Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Smoke Out 14, Looks To Be Another Great Event

Really looking forward to the Smoke Out this year and damn glad its a local event for us. Knowing how much of a festive atmosphere that it can be, packing everything you need on a motorcycle is tough to do. From the drag racing, seeing friends from all over the country and good times to be had, of course, you need to haul a couch or an easy chair for hours upon end of swapping stories over cold beer. With on site fabrication going down, Cutthroat Shamrock rocking the main stage and checking out all the great bikes, June can't get here fast enough.

All the info you need on the Smoke Out

Smoke Out 14 features fabricators on site making a bike come to life
Need to learn some TIG welding tips and techniques, roll up
Multiple builders will be on site showing how its done.