Friday, March 22, 2013

Husky Burnette, Tales From The Road

Folks if ya haven't heard the news, the one and only Husky Burnette has joined Rusty Knuckles Music. One of the cool things Husky is amped to work up are his notes from the road. We are going to work on a road journal style approach to this, so hang tight. Much more is to come and we are damn stoked to see what photos pop up from his travels.

"Here's a pic of the letter we woke up to from Wes from the Swamp Rats that we just met at the Naples, FL show...thought that was too funny. These other pics are from Jim Mitchell's house/Cigar City CBG's compound. Jim gave me a cigar box guitar endorsement deal back in 2011 so this is us stopping by to pick up one of my cbg's he's been working on and jamming in his living room. And finally, a picture of my home since March 1st. ...that ol' highway!" - Husky