Thursday, March 7, 2013

Reno Divorce On Vinyl Is Your New Favorite Obsession

Just got word that the Reno Divorce 12" vinyl record is finally done and will be shipping, fingers crossed, later next week. Damn are we proud of this release. Check out this quote below from a prominent radio deejay out of Denver:

"KTCL-FM runs a promotion in December, where local bands submit songs.  The on-air staff and other local music fans pick the top ten put into rotation for a week or two.  Reno Divorce has gotten a song into rotation five times in the last six years...and I can guarantee they'd be six-for-six had they actually submitted a song in 2009.  They take gritty California rockabilly/punk rock and give it a Colorado sheen, giving our listeners a new-but-familar sound they quickly latch onto.  And with years of touring and shows under their belt, they're definitely our go-to local group any time we need a scruffy, honest-to-God rock band to round out a bill.  And any time my local-show playlist seems a bit light or "out there", I can always count on Reno to give it a well-needed dose of catchiness and rock-and-roll." 
Alf - KTCL

Order your copy of Reno Divorce's new album Lover's Leap on 12" Clear Vinyl

Reno Divorce brand new 12" clear vinyl record ready to ship the week of March 12th, 2013