Monday, March 25, 2013

Hellbound Glory Featured On CMT Edge

"Every good girl secretly wants a bad boy, or so the story goes, but when Hellbound Glory showed up at CMT’s Nashville office recently, they turned out to be nice enough fellows. Still though, singer Leroy Virgil and his band out of Reno, Nev., are a bunch of late-nightin’ honky-tonkers with trouble on their minds. “I’m not a flashy guy, but I like showing off,” he says on the band’s website. Prior to a Nashville gig with Kid Rock, the band showed off their gritty West Coast sound on “Lost Cause” in the CMT studio. In this traditional country tune, Virgil warns his own good girl not to get too close. Since they’re already married, I guess that advice could have come sooner. Check out Hellbound Glory’s exclusive performance of “Lost Cause” on CMT Edge."

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Hellbound Glory featured on CMT Edge