Saturday, March 2, 2013

Reno Divorce - Rave Reviews From Germany

Reno Divorce's - Lover's Leap scores a great review in German magazine Pressure
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"Reno Divorce publish with "Lover's Leap" their new album. It contains 13 tracks, has a playing time of 38 minutes and will appear under the label Rusty Knuckles.

The four musicians are not, as one might judge by name, from Reno - but from Denver and the sound is absolutely superb! Punk rock, can be compared without flinching with Social Distortion and also must: one thinks for a moment, that this is yet another band of mastermind Mike Ness, but which is not so. The vocals of frontman Brent Loveday is almost identical to 100% with Mr. Ness. Not exactly the worst comparison and not the worst gift to have such a voice. With the title track "Lover's Leap" and "Sunsets & Corvettes" album starts well, but the longer it goes, the more the title. Then there's "I'll Always Be Your Slave", "Every Second Counts" and "GED Sweetheart" towards the end again extremely successful songs. The album was recorded at the legendary studio The Blasting Room (Rise Against, The Descendents) and this result can be more than excellent.

Reno Divorce put out an absolutely great album, which scores with first-class punk rock songs at any time. No failure, great melodies, great vocals and excellently produced. Clear five stars!"