Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wrench N' Roll, Is Off To A Great Start

It is indeed a great time when folks from all parts of the state and ever from the far western edge dipping into Tennessee, rally for a show and make one night of good times happen. Our new event series in Fayetteville, NC is really starting to take shape. Check out some of the photos of the bands from the showcase, taken by

J.B. Beverley laying down some electrified riffs
Husky Burnette, Rory Kelly, J.B. Beverley and Buck Thrailkill are rallying together
Guitar shredder Rory Kelly knows how to entertain
From one guitar shredder to another
Billy Miller is always on point and giving the backbone a deep groove
Damn proud to have Husky Burnette on the team
J.B. Beverley and Buck Thrailkill are a great dynamic duo