Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Husky Burnette Featured On Itunes Blues For Two Weeks Now

Husky Burnette featured as main artist on Itunes Blues page for week #2

To say that we are stoked to be seeing Husky Burnette front and center on Itunes Blues page is an absolute understatement. This is a hard fought battle for recognition and exposure for a guy that makes his living as a musician.

I knew the album was great once I heard some rough tracks back in February, but now others are starting to hear just how solid this album is. Huge thanks to Buck Thrailkill and J.B. Beverley at Rebel Roots Studio for capturing the sounds. Cannot thank Itunes folks enough for choosing to feature this album and for all the hard work and dedication that Husky Burnette puts into his live shows, crafting his tunes and most of all for being a humble individual. 

Crank it up folks and get your day started right! 

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Now that we have your attention to Husky's new track, Beat & Lowdown, do yourself a favor and dive into another song below called "That Liquor". 

The Blues are a religion and Brian "Husky" Burnette sho' 'nuff preaches it. You can feel the testimony as he blends Delta Blues, Rock n Roll and Electric Blues. His music is gritty, soulful, southern, low-down and dirty. Husky, who hails from Chattanooga, TN, followed in the family footsteps of rockabilly kings Johnny Burnette and Dorsey Burnette, writing, recording and touring with several national artists over the years. Two of which that stand out are lead guitar position for legendary singer/songwriter Roger Alan Wade and the supporting act on tour for Hank Williams III. He has shared the stage with many others such as Leon Russell, T-Model Ford, Kenny Brown, Guy Clark, Emmylou Harris, Shooter Jennings, Scott H. Biram, Col J.D. Wilkes (The Legendary Shack Shakers/The Dirt Daubers) and J.J. Grey and Mofro. 

Husky recently signed with Rusty Knuckles Music to release his next LP, “Tales From East End Blvd.” in August 2013. The new album was recorded and produced by J.B. Beverley and Buck Thrailkill at Rebel Roots Studio and features Shooter Jennings, Billy Don Burns and J.B. Beverley, among others.

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Have a sample of That Liquor

Husky Burnette - Tales From East End Blvd. - Album Cover
Husky Burnette for Mayor of Chattanooga, TN
Scene 2 at Aardvark Screenprint, which prints, all the Rusty Knuckles merch. Huge thanks to Greg Clayton!
Scene 4 at one of downtown Raleigh's great parks.
Scene 3 on top of a parking deck in downtown Raleigh. Kitty Barks working for a unique shot
Scene 7 - Raleigh Beach damn
Scene 7 - Raleigh Beach Dam