Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Muddy Roots Is A New Religion

After my brain has started to clear up from all the dust, conversations, cold beer, moonshine and remembrance of another great Muddy Roots, all I can do is smile with a shit eating grin. I personally haven't attended, worked or been a part of any other festival on the level of what Jason Galaz has created with Muddy Roots. 

Each year the festival grows with a creative exuberance that feels as contagious as a sing along at a Dropkick Murphy's show. No matter where you walk around the festival grounds, folks are saying hello and quick to offer a beer or maybe a chat about what bands are coming up. Is this a strange sort of utopia? It can feel that way at certain moments and makes me realize how much more effort we want to put in to help support such a great music festival. 

The convergence of amazing music, festive atmosphere and some of the greatest folks you would ever want to hang with, is the very reason why we signed on to build a huge lounge for Muddy Roots 2014. The sum is greater than all the parts and we as an independent music label want to contribute and help grow such a killer event.

I have so many folks to thank for their hard work on this event and it would not be possible for us without the tight inner circle within Rusty Knuckles Music. Keeping this pirate ship afloat is no easy task and our dedicated crew is always on board to help set sail and more importantly, dive in when work needs to get done. Massive thanks for all the early preparations and help in setting up and maintaining our "lounge" this year to Mrs Knuckles, Buck and Susan Thrailkill, JB Beverley, Nate, Kitty Barks, Husky and Kari Burnette, Justin, Adam, Billy, Rascal and Randy of Carolina Still, The Aussie Posse, Lauren, all of Fifth On the Floor and road crew, Billy Don Burns, Hellbound Glory, Rash, Gypsy Jody, Jeff Leigh, Mike Fiedler, Pizza Dave, Stoney, Phil, Kate, Owen Mays and anyone else that picked up trash after the huge pre-party jam and throughout the weekend, contributed a few bucks for food or booze and overall helped to keep a great camp site maintained. This was not easy and many folks put a lot of money into making this a success

If you think we did something good this year for Muddy Roots, be prepared for 2014 as we already bought our "acreage" for next year. We have a massive space to work with and in our way of thinking, now we have a mission. Go big or go home!

Also, below are a bunch of photos found on facebook from posts. I would have enjoyed taking all of our photos to represent the festival, but unfortunately in the crunch of time to get out of town, the one item needed most that was forgotten, being my camera gear. After much use of great four letter words and being pissed off for many miles, I just had to create lemonade. Thanks to everyone who took great shots as we are damn stoked to repost them. If you want photo credit, just email me via facebook and I would be happy to oblige.

Thanks again to everyone at Muddy Roots, all the folks who show up and most of all to everyone that works their asses off to make such a great event happen. Stoked to have gotten to see sets from all the bands we work with such as Carolina Still, Hellbound Glory, Husky Burnette, JB Beverley, Billy Don Burns and to also check out God Damn Gallows, Peewee Moore, Black Flag, Left Lane Cruisers, Possessed By Paul James, Shooter Jennings, Psycho DeVilles, Hellfire Revival, Dale Watson, Whitey Morgan, Ray Lawrence Jr., Ten Foot Polecats, Sarah Gayle Meech, White Trash Blues Revival and many more. Wish we could have seen every band for full sets, but our booth / lounge was a beehive of activity. SEE YA NEXT YEAR!!!!!!

Black Flag. YES, thee Black Flag on the main stage
JB Beverley and Billy Don Burns - photo by Mike Fiedler
JB, Pizza Dave in an ill fitting women's tee and Chad
A nice picture until the Aussie Posse decides to do a photo bomb! Stacks On!
Carolina Still getting ready to roll on the main stage
JB Beverley had the entire stage flanked with the Rusty Knuckles country roster for his rendition of Maggie's Farm
Never one to let a birthday slip by, Nate became a force of nature and gave us the best drunken photo in years
Billy Don Burns on stage during Shooter Jennings set
JB Beverley, Leroy Virgil and Buck Thrailkill
Buck Thrailkill on stage with Shooter Jennings on the closing night
The pool was a blessing and a curse
Husky Burnette jamming in front of the lounge
Leroy Virgil of Hellbound Glory and one huge sing along
The Aussie Posse does their "Stacks On"
JB Beverley on stage with Shooter Jennings
Shooter Jennings, Billy Don Burns and Lauren
Husky Burnette on stage with Shooter Jennings
Maggies Farm never sounded so good until that huge jam session

When the time comes, Rusty Knuckles Music shows up in solidarity and flanks an entire stage
Stoney and Pizza Dave proving once again why we love Ohioans
Zeke of Hellbound Glory, joining Fifth On the Floor, Buck Thrailkill and Kara Clark