Friday, September 6, 2013

Reno Divorce Featured In Dime City Cycles Video

Seeing the Dime City Cycles line of Triumph Parts featured on Cyril Huze Blog is indeed a great feeling. Not only because Herm and Jason are solid dudes but the latest album from Reno Divorce, Lover's Leap has a song prominent featured as the soundtrack. Check it out...

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A DCC Original Media Production

Editor/Producer: Brandon Schrichten
Sound track: Sunsets & Corvettes by Reno Divorce on Rusty Knuckles Music © 2013
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"Forged from a passion to live in the days when men were men and speed was speed, Dime City Cycles has partnered with Triumph Motorcycles, British Customs, Progressive Suspension and The Speed Merchant to bring you the Triumph "CR" line of products. An aftermarket accessory ensemble to customize and individualize your modern Triumph Classic in honor of the Gods of Speed.

So, when you're looking for the fastest, coolest and swankiest parts for your Triumph you know where you gotta go... A place where the last few American heroes still swill bourbon, smoke cigars and create from raw elements with their bare hands.

That place is Dime City: The place where your alter ego lives and breathes, awaiting your return if even for a brief moment so it can once again tap into the soul of that two wheeled terror that taunts it.

A place unlike any other, where deep black paint reflects the overhead fluorescent lights - the air carries the scent of gasoline and motor oil - and, if you are fortunate, the sound of an overhead cam twin breathing through velocity stacks as it screams towards 9,000rpm.

The feeling is visceral. You're confused but it's ok. You roll with it.

Welcome to the city where everything you've ever wanted for your modern Triumph Twin is waiting...for you. A place where a man can be a man once and for all.

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