Monday, September 16, 2013

Stevie Tombstone Creates ALTCO Music

Stevie Tombstone creates new imprint label, ALTCO Music within Rusty Knuckles
ALTCO is a brand new imprint label within Rusty Knuckles being helmed by none other than Stevie Tombstone. After working with a few varying music labels over the last couple of years, Stevie wanted to have a place that he could call home. Another interesting aspect of the new imprint label will be his role as an A&R liaison scouring the highways and byways seeking out bands to become part of the ALTCO team of recording artists.

The imprint label of ALTCO is a welcome addition to the Rusty Knuckles team and will become an integral part of the line up featuring artists more directly focused on Folk Country Blues. Right out of the gate we will be adding much of Stevie Tombstone's back catalog of albums including Slow Drunken Waltz, Greenwood and previously unheard material from The Tombstones. Other acts signed on to become part of ALTCO are WhiskeyDick from Fort Worth, Texas, Kern Richards out of Long Beach, California and Black Eyed Vermillion hailing from Austin, TX. 

"I am damn excited to finally be the captain of my own ship and to be able to focus on a solid outlet for all of my material and projects that I would like to have my finger print on. A place where my music can be heard and I control all aspects from marketing to distribution, without sacrificing quality or having to bow down to corporate wannabes." 
- Stevie Tombstone

More news about ALTCO will be coming in a few weeks. So check out some of the great talent coming onboard.