Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Definition Of Sacrifice Video Series

As we pass through life, it's as if a seamless stream of contacts, friends and randoms weave into the fabric of our existence. Some of these connections will be around for a long time to come and some are around for only a short span of seasons. These folks might drop away as if they are passengers only going to the next stop on another journey all their own. But that is the beauty of life, as the only constant, is change.

Within the groups navigating the channels we cruise through, you may be lucky to meet a few that go above and beyond. Many of the individuals you get to know have stories to be told, that are beyond a reality you may personally know, making it feel fabricated and unbelievable. Yet these stories were lived and need to be remembered. 

Hard work, timing and talent paired together, forge individuals into true grit character. Now is the time for the men and women that signed up to put their lives on the line to be heard. Let them come into our living rooms, smart phones and office computers through narrative stories and relive what they have done for the definition of sacrifice.

A buddy of ours, Chris Daidone has taken on a new mission. He is well known for his automotive photography and now he is documenting the characters who have been the protectors of our country. 

Find out more information and get in touch with Chris if you know of individuals that want to tell their story:

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The Definition Of Sacrifice - Helping Combat Veterans Heal By Telling Their Story from The Definiton Of Sacrifice on Vimeo.