Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Meet Nuclear Science Prodigy, Taylor Wilson

Genius is a spark or flash of creativity that is often attributed to a defining moment, wherein a creator does something that may seem magical. Is this flashpoint really something other worldly or is it just the rare moment when you are able to view an individual that is truly gifted in their field of choice? The answer ultimately is unimportant, but what matters most is to understand where genius resides and to witness the intellect where the ideas emanate. 

The video below showcases a young man who has learned nuclear science from the internet. Governments and political leaders continue to harp upon terrorists obtaining weapons of mass destruction, but what they fail to realize is that pure intellect can craft anything from scratch, as showcased by Taylor Wilson. He seeks no ill will to civilization, rather, he wants to create a reliable form of energy. 

Seeing is believing and I often feel the term "genius" is vastly overused once you understand the power of intellect of someone such as Taylor. Very much looking forward to the progress he will be creating within the realm of nuclear science to hopefully engineer a safer and cheaper form of energy for mass consumption.

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