Monday, March 5, 2012

Barn Party Jam Session

Sometimes ya just happen to get that random call in the morning that changes the next few days for the better. Our random call, happened to be Billy Don Burns, who on a whim decided to roll out from Nashville over to Raleigh. Most folks might scoff at an eight hour trip on a whim, but not the folks we roll with. This is a defining trait amongst the tribe we are a part of and one in which I wish most could understand. 

Once it was solidified that Billy Don was rolling up, the calls went out and we got a barn party jam session put together to get Ronnie Hymes & Carolina Freight along with Hellbound Glory all in the same room. Huge thanks to Anna and Chris McElroy for helping out and allowing for the good times to go down. We have a lot of photos and working on all the video so stay tuned.

Billy Don Burns, Ronnie Hymes & Carolina Freight and Hellbound Glory © Rusty Knuckles Music 2012
Barn Jam Session that will be remembered for a long time to come © Rusty Knuckles Music 2012
All the fellas jamming in the barn © Rusty Knuckles 2012
Buck Thrailkill, Rico and Leroy of Hellbound Glory © Rusty Knuckles 2012
Ronnie Hymes, Billy Don Burns and Buck Thrailkill © Rusty Knuckles 2012
Billy Don Burns with Frank Ehlinger and Ronnie Hymes © Rusty Knuckles 2012