Monday, March 26, 2012

Ideas First - Safety Last, Creating A Custom Shop Sign

On any given sunday, we took the time to recharge the batteries and came up with something motivational for the shop. The decision was made that we needed to do some hand lettering, paint work and keep it under a couple of hours in actual time spent. With a huge project looming on the horizon that will require quite a bit of paint and massive scale for hand lettering, this was the perfect warm up project.

Piece of plywood to prep for painting
Measuring text to scale to draw in
Sketching in text after measuring size
Adding in red background with some latex paint
Basic idea is starting to come through
Laying down the white lettering
Black ink put down around white lettering
Bottom white lettering painted down
All lettering in white put down
Final sign completed and ready to hang on the wall to promote shop safety