Thursday, March 15, 2012

Railroad Spike, Custom Knives

Over the last few years I have really been interested in learning more on the science and craftsmanship behind forged steel and blacksmithing. Our logo of the wrench knife was created by a local blacksmith as a gift and that set the ball in motion to learn more about this ancient craft. One area that I have been particularly paying attention to is custom swords and knives as the amount of craftsmanship to create such a type of blade can be done in many stages, such as with a Japanese sword or a bit quicker of a process with railroad spike knives.

Below is a cool video on how one guy is creating knives in a back yard forge and getting quite the results. If you want to know more about the science of metalurgy and sword making, check out a post we did a while back.

Custom knife made from railroad spike with leather sheath
Railroad spike knife with twisted handles
Railroad spike knife custom made
Railroad spike knife forged with black oxide and wood handle