Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1970 Harley-Davidson Flat Tracker

"1970 Harley davidson XR750 Iron Competition. First year production race bike. Number 106 of 200 made in 1970. Original Frame & engine (survivor bike). These were recalled after a few months of racing because the frames & engines were too heavy and Harley davidson deamed them not race worthy. At that time Only 100 were sold. 80% of the bikes were disassambled and destroyed by Harley Davidson. The 20% were in private hands and not returned to Harley Davidson. This makes very few of the original bikes still in existance. This bike is one of only a handful with the original frame.

The 1970 XR750 is a destroked XLR/KR Hybrid single carb Ironhead motor. A quicky effort on Harley Davidsons part to meet the new 750cc OHV limit. It was a direct link to the all alloy 1972 XR750 which in 1974 was creating an unstopable force in flat tarack racing.

Approximatley 520 Total XR750 were made covering 1970, 1972, 1977, 1980. 1980-1988 Only motors were sold.

Explaining the serial# 1C stands for the model XR750. 10106 is the production number 106 out of 200. H stands for 70's decade. 0 indicates 1970.

The motorcycle has a mikuni carb on it now but I have the original carb as shown in the pictures. The bike also has a tail section from when it was raced at pikes peak July 4th 1980 in Colorado. It spend most of its time being raced in the south. Included is all the paperwork giving the history of the motorcycle including, invoices, and canceled checks for repairs which include a complete engine and transmission overhaul. The bike was last run at Jim's Harley Davidson in ST. Petersburg Florida in 2011 where it was gone over by the dealrship, serviced, and ran on a dyno which can be seen on youtube under 1970 Harley XR750. This bike has been listed on the XR IRON historian roster.

The Harley Davidson XR750 is a rare motorcycle indeed. To find one is possible, but to find one that RUNS with an ORIGINAL FRAME is extremely rare." 

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1970 Harley Davidson XR750 Flat Track racer in original frame
XR750 Tank on classic frame
1970 XR750 is a destroked XLR/KR Hybrid single carb Ironhead motor
1970 XR750 is a destroked XLR/KR Hybrid single carb Ironhead motor
1970 Harley Davidson XR750 Flat Tracker in original factory working order