Thursday, March 15, 2012

Want Free Music From The Melvins?

Advertising will go to many extremes to get their name out to the masses and Scion is no different. Can we blame them for wanting to pass along great music, nope not at all. Doesn't mean we have to buy their vehicles but we sure as hell hope the Melvins got some cash out of this deal. The fellas sure as hell deserve all the success, after as many years and miles they have put down in the sake of pushing boundaries in rock music.

The Melvins - The Bulls & The Bees featured on Scion AV

Scion A/V has partnered with the Melvins for an EP titled Scion A/V Presents: The Bulls & The Bees, a five-song collection that marks the band’s first original material since their 2010 album The Bride Screamed Murder. The release is now available as a free download at

Scion A/V Presents: The Bulls & The Bees Track Listing:
1. The War on Wisdom
2. We Are Doomed
3. Friends Before Larry
4. A Really Long Wait
5. National Hamster
Along with the EP, Scion A/V and The Melvins have also released a music video for the lead track on the record, “The War on Wisdom”. We brought you some behind-the-scenes coverage of the video shoot a few weeks ago, now you can watch the finished product!

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