Monday, March 19, 2012

Iaconia Custom Board Tracker From AMD Championships

The AMD Championships highlight a plethora of interesting builds from clean customs to bikes that almost go into the realm of sculpture compared to ridability. After seeing a few images of this bike from Iaconia Custom Cycle it goes beyond being an amazing one off custom, it enters the realm of a master technician with a complete eye on the design prize. Every line and angle is accounted for while also looking to be a great handling ride. Damn good looking bike for sure.

Iaconia Custom Cycle's "The Challenger"
Iaconia Custom Cycle's "The Challenger" rear view
Iaconia Custom Cycle's "The Challenger" front view
Iaconia Custom Cycle's "The Challenger" winning at the AMD Championships
Iaconia Custom Cycle's "The Challenger" custom for steering stabilizer

"Steven Iacona of Iacona Custom Cycles took the Modified Harley Class at the 2012 United States Championship of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show. His bike, Challenger, has both Board Tracker and Cafe Racer influences.

Special features includes hand fabricated fuel tank, rear fender tail section with built in oil tank, exhaust pipes and tips, handle bars, rear peg sets, headlight number plate, seat suspension, taillight, battery box, steering damper mounts, motor mounts.

Ignition coils are located near battery box along with all electrical connections. Brake and oil lines are hand formed stainless steel. The Sportster frame has been converted to a hardtail. Engine rebuilt using Buell heads and cylinders, dual 30mm Mikuni carburetors, stainless steel hardware and has been re-powdercoated."