Monday, March 19, 2012

No Room For Rockstars - The Movie

Most likely there ain't no way in hell that you haven't heard about Vans Warped Tour. But have you attended? We have been to quite a few of them and the energy is intoxicating and has enabled it to become a launching pad for many bands to go on to become bigger and better.

So Kevin Lyman, we have an amazing roster of bands ready to crash the party. The hot lines are open, feel free to call anytime. We will put up the bands of Rusty Knuckles Music any day on any of the Warped Tour Stages and smoke the crowds.

More about the flim

"For 17 years, the Vans Warped Tour has been a punk rock juggernaut, a misfit circus criss-crossing North America every summer as a wondering minstrel show for youth culture. Embracing a powerful, unifying ethic created by its founder Kevin Lyman, the Vans Warped Tour has grown and prospered as the music industry itself imploded and continues to sift through the rubble in search of a new way forward. Along the way, Warped has provided a launching pad for a dizzying array of talent, from Green Day and Blink 182 to Ice-T, Eminem and No Doubt, along with perennial punk legends such as Pennywise, All, Bouncing Souls and Bad Religion.

With more than 300 hours of film shot during the 2010 tour, No Room For Rock Stars documents the true stories of modern era rock and roll from every possible angle. From the kids in the van playing parking lots to gain notice, to the veteran stage manager whose life was saved by the tour, to the musician who crosses over to mainstream success while on the road, No Room For Rock Stars is Cinema Vèritè story-telling at its finest. A historical retrospective or concert film this is not. No Room For Rock Stars is meaningful insight into current state of rock and roll and the zeitgeist of youth culture.

Accompanying the film will be a blazing soundtrack of songs from the movie as well as Vans Warped Tour all-time greatest hits. The project will also have a significant library of bonus content, some of which will be featured on the No Room For Rock Stars mini-site at and From the team that brought you the highly acclaimed Dogtown and Z-Boys, No Room For Rock Stars will resonate beyond tour and punk rock fans to anyone seeking out the true stories of rock and roll." 
No Room For Rockstars, independent film about Vans Warped Tour