Wednesday, December 5, 2012

100 Of The Greatest Songs About North Carolina

To be the man, you have beat the man and Antiseen are the men! 

Ric Flair, will always be a stalwart in our camp of bravado and his interviews are legendary. Antiseen are another group that has achieved acclaim worldwide and notoriety with such a great track as "NC Royalty", which has now been listed at #80 on the greatest songs about North Carolina.

Antiseen is coming up on their 30 year mark in 2013 and you best bet that it is going to be a rip roaring good year of shows, special guest appearances and more from the Boys From Brutalsville.

"80. “NC Royalty” by Antiseen (Noise for the Sake of Noise, 1989) While Superchunk was busy innovating smart indie-rock from the noisy and loud elements of punk rock, Charlotte’s Antiseen was taking the form to brutal extremes with a sound that was raw and simple. They were also more blunt than their more collegiate peers, attacking “power-hungry slime” posing as “caring Christians” in this angry screed." — JG

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100 of the greatest songs about North Carolina, featuring Antiseen