Friday, December 14, 2012

Review of Hellbound Glory's - Damaged Goods, From Norway

After a year of being out, Hellbound Glory's amazing album, Damaged Goods, continues to sell in great numbers and has them poised to start hitting bigger stages. Their hotly anticipated tour with Kid Rock and Buckcherry is going to light up a whole new audience into what is Real Country Music. If you haven't sipped on some good bourbon and listened to this great batch of songs, now is the time. 

Below is a great write up from a blog over in Norway. Some text or language flow might seem a bit odd, but do not fret as we are translating from Norwegian. If only we had some great black metal in town today to correctly translate for us, haha!

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Hellbound Glory's - Damaged Goods reviewed on Norwegian site
"I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die" sang Johnny Cash, and it may sound like the guys in Hellbound Glory has witnessed little of each in his hometown, to make a record like this.For we are starting fresh in 2012 with a real juicy tenderloin of a country album. Hellbound Glory has a sound that combines authenticity and Honky Tonk Outlaw Country with the fresher Americana genre through a hefty dose of punk and rockabilly in a way that I have rarely heard before.The band was accompanied himself americana indie before there was a genre, and has since its inception in 2000 traveled land and sea around the U.S. and shared the stage with everything from Lemmy from Motörhead and Lee Rocker from the Stray Cats, Hank III and Drive By Truckers. They now describe themselves as "scumbag country" and it is perhaps a good indication... And from the disc firing on all cylinders with the song "Bastard Child" and vocalist gives us the following lines, then this album is a downright delight for the ear ...Mama never was no angel
Daddy never was no sain't
There aint a pretty childhood picture
These family lines can paint
But this aint no sob story
This aint no complaint
I'm proud of who I am
And proud of what I a'int
I was was born a bastard child

Tough words, and the tougher it will be in "'Til The Lights Go Out":Hey there bouncer guess you think you're tuff
cos you get your kicks beatin up on drunks
Well I'm spittin blood but still still runnin my mouth
Ain't going down till the lights go out

It's just tough times for the guys in Hellbound Glory, and titled "Damaged Goods" truly reflects the content of the disc. Here are the stories of life back, and fighting, partying, drugs and stolen like women are recurring themes. The lyrics are well written, and the band sounds tight and well - and you can really hear that they've signed a few thousand gigs in his career."Knocked Off The Horse" is a good example. It tells the story of a drug addict who tries to find his place in society again after coming out after detoxification ...

You get knocked off that horse
you get back on again
Just the way it is and
the ways its always been
No moral to the story
it just comes to an end
you get knocked off that horse
You get back on again

It came out last year and have been unheard of in the pile for too long. For this no doubt had defended a spot on last year's top 50. The highlights are in the queue, and I have not found a single light text. I can save the enthusiasm for the song "White Wolf", but that is only because it is anmasende - not because the text is poor. Lead singer Leroy Virgil has just the perfect shaggy, slightly worn voice that gives the impression that he has lived all the stories themselves. Something that makes the lyrics and the songs that much more believable and real.After a series of songs from adverse and / or dishonest men and women, then concludes the disc with the lovely ballad "Baroom Beauty" and the lovely "Livin 'With The Shades Rolled Down" which shows that this band has a depth far beyond their own stamp as "Scumbag Country". This band and this album simply can not be recommended enough.

Hellbound Glory featured on Norwegian music site