Monday, December 17, 2012

Krugger Motorcycles, Custom Brake Caliper Mounts

Fred Krugger builds some amazinglybikes
The world of custom motorcycles and fabrication is filled with a amazing batch of talent. One builder we especially dig is Fred Krugger out of Belgium. One thing we enjoy viewing is the amount of engineering that goes into his work and how clean the overall design resonates. 

He doesn't pay attention to any sort of trends, but rather builds bikes and custom parts that are meant to be rideable and fully functional, with a sleek look. These details are what help to separate his work from just an assembly builder to a true bike fabricator.

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Brake Caliper mounts created by Fred Krugger out of Belgium
Brake caliper mounts made for a tight and unique fit
Threaded bungs and caliper brackets welded on
For a sense of scale, the size relationship of the brackets next to the helmet
Adding on the Eringer Brake calipers for test fit
Brake Caliper mounts that are almost completely hidden on the rear axle
Caliper mounts on the front axle
Custom brake caliper mounts by Krugger Motorcycle
Slick as hell on the front tire, minimal design for a sleek look on the front axle