Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Old Ideas Equal Good TV Ratings For Discovery

Yep, guilty as charged, we are sure as hell watching the bike build off on Discovery Channel. I find it rather amazing that Paul Sr and his team went for a race bike style. Not that the bike is truly interesting visually, as Confederate had this style pegged years ago, but at least they did something different and challenged themselves, for that they score some props. Orange County Choppers didn't take the easy road such as Junior did. With another bike that is more reflective of an overpriced sculpture, rather than a real motorcycle, he easily proves he doesn't care about motorcycles, only the cameras and the money. Please exit stage left and let real bikers back on television.

Confederate Motorcycles - B120 Wraith

Orange County Choppers - Discovery Bike Build Off
Jesse James build is truly a sport bike and one that might even make Erik Buell salivate over. Where he ups the ante though is adding an EFI Twin Cam motor into a race bike style frame and the articulating chassis was a serious batch of engineering. Although his bike looks unique, a bit of it's styling nods already go out to the folks over at Buell, Wakan and Roland Sands who are creating some of the most stylish sport bikes powered by V-Twin motors. Jesse has a huge ego, but that is what makes him damn interesting and you cannot forget that this is entertainment. Americans love an antihero and Jesse gives it to them in spades. The way he approaches the building of a project, is of an engineer, not an assembly person. Let him gloat all he wants, if others want to be on his level of building, they should learn the craft and want to be more than just assembly artists. Mucho kudos for always taking the path least traveled and working through problems on an engineering and structural level.

Wakan Motorcycles has truly built a sportbike utilizing the Harley powerplant
Jesse James unique sportbike that has a plethora of great engineering features
Last but not least, we cannot forget about the dudes over at Gas Monkey Garage. They went for a classic chopper look which is hard to beat and pulled it off, with a style that is tight and flowing akin to a Cole Foster build. There aren't many bells and whistles, just a cool and fun little chopper that handles the way a bike should and looks to be mechanically sound. They have a great attitude throughout their show and generally get that it's all about entertainment. Maybe in the future they could add more bike builds to the show instead of all car flips.

Gas Monkey Garage's pink split rocker box Shovelhead chopper

Cole Foster definitely was an inspiration for the Gas Monkey Garage fellas.
Hopefully with the American Chopper series wrapping up, Discovery can focus on real mechanics and builders who are challenging the way the folks look at their rides. We personally think they should invest film time, in the new bikes being built by Motus Motorcycles. Their new style of American Sportbike, has a new engine style for a motorcycle, based on a car engine block and developed by Pratt & Whitney

Do us all a favor Discovery, dial back the drama and focus on American ingenuity in engineering, basic mechanics and overall quality in the projects at hand. I know it's a stretch but maybe even focus on using your corporate name as a point of departure. Wasn't that the original intention of the channel anyways? The corporate sponsors will continue to bank roll the channel through leveraged advertising, but most of all, you will challenge the next generation to create and imagine greater ideas that will help shape the future.