Sunday, December 9, 2012

Real Men Play Ice Drums

Nothing is quite worse, than when a band complains about trivial matters. Maybe they are griping about their gear and how a certain sound is better. Or they whine about the club's sound tech and how he just can't capture who they are. 

Yep, we have seen and heard that one, with the excellent reply of "Maybe you could stand stage right about three more feet. That is where Jerry Garcia played for 10 years with perfect sound; sound check is now over, we have to open the doors." Thank you Lee Brinkman for your many anecdotes of wisdom and stories over beers after shows.

For all the complainers, just pass along this video of the drummer from the Hellacopters, playing a custom drum set made of ice. Not only does he create one amazing rhythm, but the sound is damn great and it emanates from an ice factory.