Monday, December 17, 2012

Kara Clark, Joins Rusty Knuckles Music

Talent is inborn and it is up to each individual to find the motivation and spirit, to fully manifest the skills, for which they want to hone in on. A talent on the level of Kara Clark is a like a ship passing in the night. Once you have seen it on the horizon, you want to fully understand the journey for which it is steaming towards and become captivated by it's presence

After hearing about Kara from a few friends and then diving into her music, there is no doubt she is an amazing song writer and one in which her best days are ahead. Another aspect that stood out for us, is her uncompromising attitude and work ethic. That driving spirit and the yearning to perfect her craft are what allows talent, to be honed into an element stronger than its original construct. It is akin to heating steel and refining its core structure. This quenching process allows for the element to born anew

Kara Clark has a new batch of material in the works and we will be re-releasing her previous album to help build a larger audience. We are damn proud to work with her and know that once she sets the hooks in yall, it's game on.

Listen to more of Kara's music on Reverbnation

Kara Clark joins Rusty Knuckles Music

How did you first get into songrwiting?

It's actually a strange, funny story. I never did any music growing up or never "dreamed" of being a superstar as a child. I was already through college and a mother/wife, working full time as a medic in WV. One night, in a bar, to everyone's surprise (including mine), I got up and sang and realized that I could. Looking back on my life, I did write poetry and always loved music but never had written a song. I bought a used Yamaha guitar at a pawn shop and a capo, taught myself a few chords and just tried it. The lyrics (stories) just started flowing so fast, I couldn't write enough music to them. At first, I was primarily a lyricist, even after moving to Nashville, I would need help with melodies but had already written hundreds of  stories. Now, it is easy for me to write both.

As a composer of songs and constantly writing new music, what drives you?

A good hook. I write everything around a hook. Whether it comes to me in the car or when I am falling asleep, I write it down. I always write about real life and I have gotten flack in the past for being too complex or too deep but I am good at it. I just have no desire to sit in a room and be given a topic and try to force a song. My songs come to me quick, if I can't have it almost complete in 30 minutes, I put it away. I am driven by old school topics.
Whether it is an experience I have been through or someone I care about, I write it.

Are there lyrical topics for which you regularly go to?

Lately I have been writing about things that I think need to be addressed, such as the bullying epidemic  that is going on right now, it saddens me. I like to write about real life issues. I am constantly surprised when I read fan mail saying how my music gets people through sad times, my music is sad. People like the  genuine side of me and my songs I guess. I am fully capable of writing silly ear candy, I just choose not to, it's not for me. In my opinion, some of the greatest songs in history were sad or ballads.

What is one of the best accolades you have received from a song? (maybe a fan letter or something to which you received solid feedback from)

I had a fan tattoo "Living Proof" on her wrists, I was pretty blown away. That song touched a lot of people. I get a lot of positive feedback from "I Don't Drink Anymore" as well. Had a fan toss an AA keychain at me on stage and mail stating how supportive people are in my  recovery, even though the song is fictional.

How is the new music coming along and what can we look forward to in 2013?

I think an artist should constantly evolve and grow, not change. It's frustrating to fall in love with a record and then the follow up record is totally different. All of my songs have a common denominator, style. I don't think you can deny that it's me when you hear something new. I am working a lot on the piano now, I taught myself and it opened another door for melodies. My lyrical writing remains the same, in a dark place, but the piano sound might soften me just a bit, more vulnerable. I used to worry about my "image" so much that it probably held back my creativity. Now, I am ok with everything I do so if it comes off "too clean" or "too soft", I don't really care at this point, it's still me, I still wrote it and if I put it out there, I stand behind it.