Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bargain Bin Black Metal Blasphemy

Will corpse paint ever be able to make a come back to it's heyday of infamy? Can a band truly be so evil, that mockery will only result in the melting of the ridiculer's eyes? There is hope for the individuals that follow a darkened path. Although, they may just have to find a new way to make corpse paint reside on hallowed ground once again, after this insane dust up from one creative bargain bin anthropologist.

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Sorry babe, my soul belongs to the devil. Time for the black mass!
Judds Jury and Exectutioner, pop country death will follow!
Jimmy Swaggart was born with an evil twin that is rarely talked about
"This is my middle finger and I despise how you love me"
"No one understands me."
Wayne Newton has the hottest Black Metal show in all of Vegas
We told you Santa Claus was evil!

Cher is truly demonic, this explains her lack of aging
Sade is Ravishing in her Mellownesss