Monday, December 10, 2012

Rough Design Company, Custom Indian Head Nickel Belt Loops

Thank you to all that peruse our site, read the blog and purchase the products we develop and create. All of our ideas for new products stem from the constant flow of pen to paper. It could be silkscreened tshirts, leather products or the brand new musicians and mechanics tool rolls we are currently just about to wrap up. Keeping the items we create new and fresh is our constant goal as we pride ourselves on craftsmanship and a job well done.

We are humbled when approached by folks we have never met and asked to create some cool gifts to represent their company. One of those companies just so happens to be Kevin of Rough Design Company. His approach to reviving disregarded objects and furniture is refreshing and one that speaks to sustainability and craftsmanship. Needless to say, we are damn stoked to craft the new belt loops for Rough Design Co. and look forward to future projects and great conversation, from all sorts of new folks in 2013.

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Belt loops completed for Rough Design Co.
Custom order of 20 Belt loops with Indian Head nickels for Rough Design Co.
Detail on the leather stamping and pressed nickels ready for the belt loops